Congressman Sanford Bishop

Representing the 2nd District of Georgia

Rep. Bishop Announces Projects

Jul 1, 2003
Press Release
U.S. Representative Sanford Bishop announced Wednesday (7/23) the House Appropriations Committee has approved funding for two major federally-assisted projects in southwest Georgia-- the massive wastewater treatment demonstration project based in Columbus and the economic development of property located at the "City Gateway" entrance to the city of Moultrie.

Georgia's Second District Congress, a member of the committee, said the two southwest Georgia projects are included in the Veterans Affairs-Housing and Urban Development-Independent Agencies Appropriations Bill for the new fiscal year starting October 1. The appropriations panel reported the measure this week for consideration by the entire House.

"These projects benefit Columbus, Moultrie and our whole area of Georgia in a number of ways," Representative Bishop said. "They are important for the development they provide, the knowledge, and the federal dollars they bring into the area, boosting our economy."

He reported the bill includes $2.25 million for the Columbus Biosolids Flow-Through Thermophilic Demonstration Project and $525,000 for the demolition and redevelopment of the Swift property located at the "City Gateway" in Moultrie.

The funding for the $12 million wastewater treatment project under the Columbus Water Works will move the project near to completion, the Congressman said. He said the purpose of the project is to develop more cost-effective technology for treating municipal wastewater sludge and to produce biosolids for beneficial use through destruction of pathogens, a principal objective of the Clean Water Act.

Representative Bishop said the Swift property in Moultrie contains a partially demolished abandoned meat packing plant. He explained that the federal funding will enable the city of Moultrie to make substantial progress toward completing the demolition and to begin preparing the site for economic development uses.

"We expect this year's appropriations process to provide funding for a wide range of community development and research projects in our area of Georgia, and these will be among the most far-reaching ones," he said.