Congressman Sanford Bishop

Representing the 2nd District of Georgia

Legislative Work

Legislative Record:

Thank you for your interest in the legislation I have sponosored and co-sponsored. Below are links that will help you access this information.

115th Congress (January 2017 - Present)

Legislation I’m sponsoring or co-sponsoring in the current Congress.

Archive sponosored and co-sponsored legislation from previous Congresses (1993 and up)

Voting Record:

Thank you for your interest in my voting record. Below are links that will help you access this information.

2017 (115th Congress - 1st Session)

2016 (114th Congress - 2nd Session)

2015 (114th Congress - 1st Session)

2014 (113th Congress - 2nd Session)

2013 (113th Congress - 1st Session)

2012 (112th Congress - 2nd Session)

2011  (112th Congress - 1st Session)

2010 (111th Congress - 2nd Session)

2009 (111th Congress - 1st Session)

2008 (110th Congress - 2nd Session)

2007 (110th Congress - 1st Session)

2006 (109th Congress - 2nd Session)

2005 (109th Congress - 1st Session)

2004 (108th Congress - 2nd Session)

2003 (108th Congress - 1st Session)

2002 (107th Congress - 2nd Session)

2001 (107th Congress - 1st Session)

2000 (106th Congress - 2nd Session)

1999 (106th Congress - 1st Session)

1998 (105th Congress - 2nd Session)

1997 (105th Congress - 1st Session)

1996 (104th Congress - 2nd Session)

1995 (104th Congress - 1st Session)

1994 (103rd Congress - 2nd Session)

1993 (103rd Congress - 1st Session)


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Legislative Process:

The chief function of Congress is the making of laws. The legislative process comprises a number of steps, and much information is available from this page concerning the legislation introduced and considered in Congress. A much more in-depth discussion and presentation of the overall process is available in How Our Laws are Made and Enactment of a Law. Abridged versions of how laws are made are also available for young learnersgrade schoolersmiddle schoolers, and high school students.

For more information, please visit the United States House of Representatives' guide on the Legislative Process.

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