Congressman Sanford Bishop

Representing the 2nd District of Georgia


Feb 5, 2015
Press Release

ALBANY, GA – Today, Congressman Sanford Bishop (GA-02) released the following statement in recognition of Black History Month during February of 2015:

“Black History Month remains a perfect time to reflect on the many inspirational events, inventions, and successes of African-Americans, all which that have created an indelible impact on American society for future generations.

“Throughout history, African-Americans have added much to the melting-pot that is the United States of America. Leaders and activists such as Thurgood Marshall and Martin Luther King Jr. bravely defended and advanced law and equality for all races. Wonderful entertainers such as Sidney Poitier and Billie Holiday explored the arts with us, vividly presenting the beauty in life and our surroundings.

“Creative inventors and educators such as Garrett Morgan and Mary McLeod Bethune improved our lives in ways never before imagined. Poignant authors such as Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes brought gravity to our thoughts and deeds, and of course we have all cheered for our sports heroes from Joe Louis and Althea Gibson to Hank Aaron and Michael Jordan.

“As we celebrate this month of inspiration, let us look back in pride on the triumphs of African-Americans for the betterment of all humankind, for together, the strength of all races combined draw tighter the fabric of the rich tapestry of our great nation.”