Congressman Sanford Bishop

Representing the 2nd District of Georgia


Sep 5, 2013
Press Release

COLUMBUS, GA – Today, Congressman Sanford D. Bishop, Jr. (GA-02); Dale Earnhardt, Jr., NASCAR driver of the No. 88 National Guard Chevrolet; and General Jim Butterworth, the Adjutant General of the Georgia National Guard visited and spoke with students, faculty, and staff of Shaw High School. Speaking at a student assembly, Congressman Bishop, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., and General Butterworth encouraged students to do well in school and graduate.

“Graduation is very important and will affect the rest of your life,” said Dale Earnhardt, Jr. “Not graduating is a big handicap. It’s like taking power out of the race car. You can’t go to the race track with a car that doesn’t have as much power as everybody else and expect to compete, and if you don’t have that diploma, that’s what you’re doing when you step out into that workforce and the working world. You’re at a handicap.”

After the assembly, Congressman Bishop and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. had the opportunity to speak with student press regarding the opportunity to visit Shaw High School.

“Having Dale Earnhardt, Jr. here today at Shaw High School is an exceptional and a great opportunity,” said Congressman Bishop. “Today was an excellent chance for students to see someone from the real world, other than their teachers, they can relate to and hear from who can motivate and inspire them to be what they dream to be. It’s a chance for students to say, ‘If they can do it, I can do it.’”

“Being here today gives us the opportunity to have an impact on kids,” said Dale Earnhardt, Jr. “It’s sort of like your Dad handing you the keys to the car when you’re young. It’s an opportunity to do something good, to make a difference in somebody’s life, and to share some inspiration for kids to challenge themselves for the future.”

Congressman Bishop has been highly supportive of the relationship between the National Guard and NASCAR, and today’s opportunity has been made possible through the relationship between Congressman Bishop’s office, NASCAR, and the National Guard.

“The truth is, Dale Earnhardt Jr. would not be here if it weren’t for Congressman Bishop and his pushing to have us all here at Shaw High School,” said General Jim Butterworth.

Most recently, Congressman Bishop worked to defeat an amendment designed to prohibit the Army National Guard from investing resources in recruiting new soldiers through professional sports sponsorships. According to the National Guard, the amendment would have hindered military recruitment of qualified candidates, impaired access to employment resources for our nation's military families, and severely damaged a positive financial investment for our citizen-soldiers. For more information, please click here.

For pictures from today’s event, please click here.