Congressman Sanford Bishop

Representing the 2nd District of Georgia


Mr. BISHOP of Georgia.  Madam Speaker, it is my great honor to extend
a heartfelt congratulations to the American Peanut Shellers Association
(APSA) as it celebrates 100 years in leading the effort to expand and
advance the American peanut industry. The APSA will be celebrating this
great milestone on Friday, April 5, 2019, during the Industry Spring
Conference at the Bindery at Oakland Library in Leesburg, Georgia.
The APSA was established by commercial peanut shellers and crushers
from Georgia, Alabama, and Florida who began operations in early 1918
as the Southeastern Peanut Association (SPA). Approximately a year
later, on April 5, 1919, a group of commercial peanut farmers
representing their home states convened in Atlanta to officially
charter the Southeastern Peanut Association. On November 30, 1993, the
Southeastern Peanut Association officially changed its name to the
American Peanut Shellers Association to incorporate other shelling
companies from other states. The current APSA headquarters in Albany,
Georgia was completed in 1986 and has been the official hub of this
renowned association since it's relocation from Americus, Georgia in
the early in 1960s.
For the past 100 years, Georgia peanut farmers through the APSA have
been successful in improving the profitability of peanuts and peanut
products by working to promote and increase consumption. In 1965, the
APSA co-sponsored first USA Peanut Congress--the largest meeting of all
segments of the peanut industry. Today, the APSA is the oldest
organized group in the peanut industry boasting 10 active member
shelling companies and 145 associate members who handle 90 percent of
the peanuts grown in the United States.
I take much pride in the fact that Georgia leads the nation in
production of peanuts with nearly 50 percent of the annual peanut crop.
Georgia has 14,000 farms with peanuts and about 4,500 active farmers.
Approximately 200 businesses in Georgia are peanut-related. Two million
bags of peanuts are distributed annually and the industry contributes
more than 50,000 jobs and an estimated $2 billion to the economy of the
state of Georgia.
Since George Washington Carver discovered the many uses for the
peanut in the early twentieth century, peanuts have become a household
food staple and a source of dietary fiber, protein, and other healthy
nutrients. Although peanuts are produced in other parts of the country,
I am a firm believer that no peanuts are of higher quality or more
delicious than Georgia peanuts.
On a personal note, I would like to thank John Powell, Executive
Director of the American Peanut Shellers Association, and the rest of
the wonderful staff as well as Chairman Ralph Johnson and all those who
serve on the Associate Board of Directors. Their hard work and
dedication have contributed to the success of the APSA in many ways.
Madam Speaker, on behalf of the residents of Georgia's Second
Congressional District, the state of Georgia, and all those nationwide
and worldwide who enjoy our tasty American peanuts, I ask my colleagues
to join me today in paying tribute to the American Peanut Shellers
Association for their exemplary services and dedicated efforts to
support our Nation's peanut industry over the past 100 years.
116th Congress