Congressional Internships


I am honored to invite college students to apply for unpaid internships in my offices in both Washington, D.C. and in Georgia. These highly competitive positions offer a unique opportunity for you to gain an insider's view of the legislative process while working closely with my staff in a wide-range of areas including press, correspondence, and legislative policy.

Interns play an important role in my offices. Duties include helping with general office tasks such as answering phones, opening mail, and sorting faxes. Additionally, interns often help communicate with constituents and handle basic constituent requests. I also encourage interns to attend hearings, briefings, bill markups, and press conferences to enhance their overall internship experience. My goal is to provide interns with an intellectual challenge that goes beyond typical intern duties.

Although we accept applications from younger students, preference will be given to college juniors, seniors, or graduate students. Ideal candidates should possess good oral and written communication skills, demonstrate knowledge of computer applications, and exhibit creativity and initiative.

To apply for an internship in one of my Congressional offices, please click here.

Intern Jon Black

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